Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ladies! Ladies! There's plently of me to go around!

I am a chick magnet! Mom & Dad took me to dinner last night at Mimi's Resturant with Great Aunt Jane, Grandma, and Cousin Jennica. There was a gaggle of girls at the resturant and they could not keep their hands off of me! Mom had to fight them off with a stick! One cute blonde chica even got to hold me. Who can blame all the ladies? I am so damn cute!

Today, Mom took me to the Los Altos Art Show in downtown. We walked. Or should I say I rode in the Baby Bjorn and Mom walked. It was entertaining. There were lots and lots of interesting art peices, but I liked the guy who was selling wooden kid puzzles. Mom did get me one. She said I should wait till I can hold something and not invoulntarily bonk myself in the head with it. It's true. I need to work on the whole hand-eye coordination thing. It will be easier to rule the world with an iron fist when you don't knock yourself out with your own hand.


At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Danger! Hate to burst your bubble, but as soon as you start growing hair in weird places the girls disappear. My advice, get some viagra and get some while the gettin is good. And if you can find some freaky chicks who like being puked or pooped on then I think you are going to have it made. :D

Remember the little people when you become the supreme ruler!


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