Friday, May 19, 2006

Am I cultured yet?

First, I would like to welcome my newest buddy, Jacob, into the world:
He lives in Washington with his Mom, Lisa, and Dad, Ben. With all the girl babies around, it will be nice to hang out with the boys. I think I might solicit his help in my plans to take over the world.

Yesterday, Mom took me to San Francisco to see the MOMA with Megan & Mirabelle. She didn't tell me that Mirabelle was going to be there. I was so unprepared for the date... I didn't even bring flowers! Mirabelle did not seem to mind, she slept during most of the time. The MOMA was a neat place. I really liked the Alexander Calder stuff - especially the mobiles. Mom liked the kid's books at the MOMA's gift shop. She bought me three books - Adventures of Cow, That's Dangerous, and Baby Mix Me a Drink. I am looking forward to reading them after I learn how to read.

Mom also took me to a art gallery and bought me a metal balloon. Here is a picture of the balloon:
Mom buys the strangest of stuff.


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