Thursday, March 27, 2008


Easter was lots of fun. I met the Easter Bunny a few days ago and he promised he'd stop by my house and drop off some eggs for Easter. Sure enough, when I got up Easter morning, I found lots of eggs scattered about the house!There were even some hidden in Daddy's shoes.Good thing I found them or there would have been omelet all over Daddy's feet when he put his shoes on. Or so I thought - but when I opened the eggs they were full of stickers. Yay! I don't like regular eggs anyway.

After finding all the eggs, we went over to Doyle, Shirley, and Beth's house for brunch. Shirley taught me all about how to garden. First, you need to clear the land. Then you need to pull all the weeds.Then we dug holes to put the trellis posts into.Finally, we had to water the ground.All very interesting, should be a useful set of skills for feeding my army.

Speaking of my army, I found my first front-line soldier while we were gardening. He's been separated from his unit and lost in the jungles of the back yard for many years. I gave him a shower and brought him home.


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