Monday, July 09, 2007

More about the race

Here's the Chapter 11 car before the start of the race on Saturday.

Check out our competition, in both before and after photos:
1st place, the Lemon Lappers
3rd place, Car & Driver4th place, wtf? racing5th place, the Holy Rollers
Some other pictures from the weekend:
some of our pile 'O spare parts, complete with a spare engine & transmissionour broken axletraffic jam, up aheadhow could this car possibly still run?this car ran on biodiesel this car ran on corpsesthis car helped push others gently off the track. For the rolling-challenged (like when we broke our front axle) they also had tow trucks.attempting to get a lap back on the race leader

24 Hours of LeMons

My Dad is so awesome! He raced in the 24 Hours of LeMons this weekend and came in second place (out of ~90 cars). Mom and I kept the team going with some awesome cheerleading support.
Here's Dad out on the racetrack and coming into the pits.
We were part of the Chapter 11 racing team, sponsored by the likes of Enron, Webvan, and ValuJet.
Being sponsored by companies that no longer have any cash causes some issues. For example, our race team spent the night in lovely Tracy, CA at the Holiday Inn Express. And by lovely, I mean windy, dusty, and smelling like cows.