Thursday, June 28, 2007


Mom took me lots of places this week because the floors of our house were being cleaned so it smelled stinky at home. We went to the mall with Mirabelle and her Mom, the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose, the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo, and old Grandmom's house. Whew! It was a busy week.
On Wednesday after my nap I decided it would be fun to play with my poo. I pulled my diaper down, fished some out, and spread it around my crib. Mom and Dad were not very impressed with my artwork. They could at least have taken a picture before sanitizing everything!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hot, hot, hot!

It's been really hot around here lately. My Dad's parents took us to a San Jose Giants game and it was 100+ degrees out. Ouch!

After the game I chilled in my new swimming pool I got for my birthday.
You can't really get cool if you aren't naked.

p.s. Don't drink and drive! Especially with your cousin...

Monday, June 11, 2007

My new car

I'm going for a drive in my cool new roadster! Shades are required.Ok, Dad, get out! You are dead weight! Your lard butt is detrimental to my 0-60 time.
Unfortunately, Dad didn't let me take a spin in the roadster. I don't think he liked it when I tried to kick him out. I had to settle for being pulled around in my wagon. Not nearly as exhilarating. Bah.
When the grandparents came over, I put on my granddad's shoes. Or, more correctly, shoe.
It was hard to walk with granddad's shoe on. I think I need to study how shoes work some more.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Paparazzi at the park

I had a run in with a paparazzo a few days ago at the park. His grandson was there also, so I'm not sure if he realized my celebrity status, or if it was just coincidence. In any case, he was nice enough to send me a few photos of the event.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

An exciting week

Mmmm, a yummy smorgasbord of food. Mom's used corn cob was especially delicious. I sucked it dry like a vampire bat. Gotta get calories out of this solid food if I'm going to take over the world.
Yesterday Mom, Dad, and I went to visit my grandparents who were vacationing in Monterey. We went to the aquarium for the afternoon. I spent lots of time splashing in the "please touch" pools. There were lots of seaweed and starfish.
There were some funny-looking fish in this tank.
The otters were fascinating, they look like 'Boo only they like water a lot more.
Oh, and I got naked with Mirabelle.