Monday, May 28, 2007

My birthday party

Some new pictures surfaced from my birthday party. There must have been a paparazzi hiding in the woods.
My Mom, Grandmom, cousin Jennica, and girlfriend Mirabelle were all in attendance.
I had a banana cream pie and blew out a candle. I wished for world domination, of course.My cousin Jennica played with my new squishy bloody eye. Ewww!
My new Vans were really tasty. Then Mom explained that they go on my feet.

Travels, part 4: Bulgaria

My last stop on my whirlwind Europe tour was Bulgaria. I visited friends of my Dad's from high school. Here we are in Plovdiv, a nice Bulgarian town.
The capital, Sofia, isn't very nice. It has a towering, yet crumbling, monument to communism. Beware of falling chunks of monument!
There was one nice church in Sofia. I didn't go in because there was a crazy long line at the time, but it looks cool from the outside.
Much of Bulgaria is pretty run down. Little maintenance has been done since the Berlin wall fell in 1989. The chimney below is typical.
I took a day trip to Rila monestary. My parents took turns carrying me around. Our tourguide got us special backstage access to the monk's quarters.
That's it for my trip. All of this travelling has really worn me out. I'm going to sleep for a week straight.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Travels, part 3: Germany

After visiting family in France, I headed to Germany. My first stop was the lovely mountain town of Hinterzarten. Apparently they like their skiing there.
It was really cold and my hands were frozen - Dad had to carry me on his shoulders and hold my hands in his to keep them warm.
Thanks, Dad!
When we got back to the hotel, we took a dip in their pool. I had a great time hopping out of the pool and jumping back in again. My parents think it is a pretty dangerous behavior, jumping into a pool when you can't swim. I agree - that's right - I am dangerous!
After swimming, we went back to the hotel and hung out in the room in our bathrobes. They even had a baby-sized bathrobe for me!Then I headed off to Neuschwanstein castle, taking the autobahn most of the way. I heard that Maserati's did 185, but Dad was able to get it up to 200 (kph).
Mom started getting nervous at about 170. This is her at 200.Notice how calm I am. Go Dad.
At the Neuschwanstein castle, Dad got a crazy pretzel-apple-strudel-all-in-one for breakfast. It was almost as big as the castle.

Then I was off to Munich. The hotel gave me another cool baby robe to use after swimming.Then it was off to see the sights, like the old clock tower and the lego room at the technology museum. But the best part of all was the beer garden. Mmmm... beer bigger than my head...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Food at home

Now that I can eat almost anything, look at my smorgasbord!
Cheese, peas, rice, strawberries, and blueberries, all chopped up into bite-size pieces. Yum! I even had chunks of ham and chicken meatballs yesterday.

Travels, part 2: food

Long-time readers of this blog know that I tend to puke whenever I eat any solid food. Well, now that's had tended to puke. Apparently Europe can cure your puke tendencies, I highly recommend it. Now I only puke occasionally when I overstuff my mouth.

My new favorite food is grapes - here I am enjoying some grapes and mangoes.
Bananas straight from the peel are now A-O-K.

I also love bread and grated cheese.Beer and pretzels really hit the spot!
I wasn't quite able to finish the beer - Germans serve it in crazy large steins.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Travels, part 1: Family

My trip to the east coast and Europe was a smash success. First I went to the east coast to see my Dad's family. Here are my cousins Sarah and David fighting over me.
Then I went to France to visit my Mom's family. There was a big family get-together where my parents showed me off. Here I am running a football clinic for some of my cousins.Below is a picture of some of my Mom's clan, from bottom left to top right: my cousins Alice, Guillaume, Benoit, Téo, Sebastian, grands oncle Daniel, Mom, Dad, grande tante Tania, cousin Madeline, grande tante Jeannine, cousin Florence, cousin Raphaelle and her boyfriend, cousin Pascal, oncle Pascal, tante Sylvie, and cousin Celine.
After meeting the family, I went to see the sights of Paris. I hit the Egyptian collection at the Louvre,drove by some really old churches,and checked out a possible house where I might live when I grow up, called Versailles.I could get used to ruling the world through this window. I will not make the mistake the previous occupants made of letting the peasants get uppity.

Dad challenged me to a race to the center of the hedge maze. Here he is pointing out the finish line.
Dad won, but only because he can see over the hedges and I can't.