Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I hate hedgehogs.

I went to visit Unlce Chris for the first time at his parents' house. He is a real goofy guy. He is so goofy he bought a stuffed hedgehog that grunts when you squeeze it for his puppy dog. I did not like the hedgehog. I was damn scared of the hedgehog. I mean, who wouldn't be!?!? They are freaks with spikes!
I hate hedgehogs.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I am King!

Here I am at the crowning ceremony. All hail me!

Friday, December 15, 2006

The camera is back!

Since the camera is less than a year old, it was fixed for free courtesy of Canon. Yay, warranty! I wonder if I am still under warranty...
Mom bought me a new, bigger stroller. It is the same brand, but a Cameleon instead of a Gecko. And it matches my hair! Here's me and Peek-a-Boo trying it out.
Sorry for the crotch shot of 'Boo, he's an exhibitionist.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Singapore! The pictures are in (courtesy of Uncle Bill) so here we go, around the world, part 3...
Singapore is the jewel of the orient. Or so I hear. All I know, it's just like the US except it is hot and muggy and they are more bonkers about Christmas than the US is. By Christmas, I mean the Santa Claus part, not the Jesus part.
Here's Dad goofing off.
We happened upon a dinosaur skeleton while walking through the park. Really, they should get some paleontologists out there. It is a really nice specimen - it would look good in a museum.
Dina and I hung out at the beach. It was hot, hot, hot! Note the 3-wheeled stroller. They are very popular on the other side of the world.
For more pics, check out Uncle Bill's photo album.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Home for a few weeks...

Not having a camera sucks. I have been doing a whole bunch of cool stuff and there has not been any photographic record of it. This is what living in the dark ages must have been like.
New Learned Skillz (skills with a 'z' is so much cooler that skills with an 's'):
  • Dragging myself around on my belly. I am quite mobile now - Mom & Dad had to put up some gates to keep me contained. I perfected this skill during my trip to Australia. I have crawled on a number of occasions, but I'm not very fast. I prefere the military belly crawl - it is speedy and it allows me to dodge bullets.
  • Pulling myself up to stand. This is realtivily new skill. I have to pull myself up carefully because I have fallen a lot. Ouch.
  • I recognise that Mom and Dad will pick me up if I drag myself over to them and pull on their pant legs. I am so learning how to manupulate the 'rents!
Despite the absence of the camera, I do have pictures for you! A month or so ago I attended a swank photoshoot and put on my best "cute baby" smile. Dad just got the pictures up on the web, so surf over there and check them out!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Around the world in 80 days... Part Two

After a having a fun time hanging out with the ultimate frisbee crowd (including my girl Mirabelle) in Perth, the parents and I headed off to Singapore. Singapore is a very efficient city! By the time we got off the plane, got through customs, and flirted with the nice customs agent lady, our luggage was waiting for us on the carousel. Thumbs up!

Mom and Dad got me a suite at a swank hotel on the 64th floor. I had great views of the city from my crib. I would totally show you the pictures, but the camera was broken. Stupid camera.

The parents hooked up with Dad's old high school friend Bill, his wife Zhanar, and Bill's parents who were also visiting. I hooked up with their daughter Dina. What a cutie!! Look out Mirabelle and Linnea, there is a new girl in town!

Dina showed me the town - we dined at a local seafood resturant, went on a stroll through a forest, saw a bug museum, and swam together in the South China Sea. It seemed smaller than it really is because I could not see the horizon through all the cargo ships. Bill's parents then chaperoned a 'date' with Dina and I so the 'rents could go see a movie. I am definitely coming back to Singapore!

From Singapore, we took the world's longest flight - Singapore, Hong Kong, Chicago, and finally Philadelphia. 21 hours, people, 21 hours. And 11 hours of time change.

The Grandparents picked us up at the airport - I love Grandparents! They are such suckers for a smile. First the Grandparents, then the world! Mom and Dad spent most of their time in Philadelphia sleeping. I hung out with my cousins David and Sarah - I was very entertained by them.