Saturday, October 28, 2006

Getting ready for Halloween

Check out my fancy new Halloween costume!
I think it will pull in tons of candy. Not that I can eat candy yet, but I'll accumulate a stash I can use after my teeth come in.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Learning to Queue

Mom and Dad took me to learn queuing today. We stood in line for over 3 hours. I thought that we must be in line for something really awesome. Prehaps a giant binky or a huge new toy store. But NOOOOOO.... At the end of the line was a nurse that pricked me with a sharp needle. Boy, are my parents dumb! And Dad was even more dumb because he allowed the nurse to prick him with a needle as well. Mom must have felt really bad about the needle prick, because we all went out to a steak dinner.
To defend myself in the future, Dad is teaching me Kung-Fu. I even have a little Kung-Fu outfit to practice in.
I will soon develop my super move and rule the world!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Happy 1/2 Birthday to me!

I am SIX MONTHS OLD today!! Woo Hoo! I am not a baby anymore! I'm going to start doing grownup things like feeding myself. Check out the cool spoon I'm using. Just scoop up some gruel
and plop it in my mouth!
Success is just that easy. (Ignore the ample evidence of my repeated failures.)

Did I mention that Mom and Dad are sneaky? As blogged previously, my parents keep taking me to this place where Eliza the evil nurse pokes me with needles. I swore I'd never let my parents take me there again. They were sneaky, though, and whisked me away while I was napping. One minute, falling asleep to the soothing voice of Carl Segan on Cosmos. The next minute, waking up to the antiseptic smell of Eliza's lair. Yikes! It wasn't too bad, though, only two needles and I barely cried at all.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Trip to Minnesota

The 'rents took me to Minnesota for 4 days so we could attend a wedding.
I flew first class.
I only fly first class.

We stayed in St. Paul at the St. Paul Hotel. I was a nice hotel, it had lots of carpet to spit up on. But, DAMN, it was cold! I am now glad Mom bought me that sherpa suit!

On Saturday we went to Mark and Sara's wedding. This was my second wedding, but my first in a catherdral. The catherdral was neat inside. It had a bunch of those long wooden benches that were fun to scratch with my fingers. I enjoyed the wedding so much and was so excited to be there that I puked into the pew in front of me. Mom was not amused.

After the wedding, I got to hang out with Mom & Dad's friends at the reception.
I had a blast! I espically liked Auntie Grace.Auntie Grace knows how to party!The day after the wedding, we hung out at Sara and Mark's house. I had a great time hanging out with all of them! I especially liked Sara because she let me chew on her hair.
The only thing that really upset me was the hat box.
Nobody puts me in a hat box! My Mother did that to me once... once.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Spontaneous baby combustion

Mom is off of her rocker. She has been conducting experiments to demonstrate the possibility of spontaneous baby combustion using me as a guinea pig.
So hot! It's the warmest outfit REI sells. Midget mountain climbers use it to scale Everest.
Mom, I don't like to be a guinea pig. Stop it!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Put him in... the comfy chair!

I have learned that Mom & Dad like to spoil me. Woo Hoo! I have them wraped around my clammy, drool coated fingers. For example, remember that laptop that they gave to me? Well, I peeled off the letter 'I', so Mom bought me my own, brand new laptop! I think I might write a book about how to get what you want by just pointing and grunting. Here I am with my favorite red block feeling very satisfied with myself.
Also, I was getting tired to being treated like a baby when I took my meals, so Mom & Dad bought me my own dinner throne! I recieved delivery of my new throne today and I am satisfied with it's comfort level.
All hail me!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Crawling and Standing

I can't conquer the world until I can access it, can I? So this week I worked on mobility. I can't really crawl yet, but I'm working on the positioning. I can hold it for about as long as it takes Mom to operate the camera.
I'm also working on standing. Here I am standing completely unaided! Well, ok, I'm kind of aided by the coffee table. But the coffee table is already one of my minions, so in effect the "Danger Army" is standing all by itself!
Note to self - no one ever conquered the world in footy pajamas. Gotta work on the wardrobe. The "I do all my own stunts" t-shirt is much better.